On-going projects include:

All work by Silmu is now under EduGems Finland. We offer high-quality research-based STEAM camps and workshop activities. The focus is in 21st Century Skills. Please contact: marianne@edugems.fi

Silmu produces research- and curriculum-based science camp activities for international students (kids, families and teachers) across Finland.

Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) themed trademark programs are taught using phenomenal, experimental and cross-curricular teaching methods. Special emphasis is put on developing skills such as problem solving, adaptability, critical thinking, leadership, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
Trademark programs tackle the most recent and relevant novel issues in the field of science and sustainability. Co-operation with top Asian and Finnish Universities in Science and Technology bridge our program to best serve future trends.
Inquiries and details: silmuscience@gmail.com


A free virtual book Sustainable Development in Science Education in Finnish, English, Spanish and Chinese. The book is funded by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation.

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A free Youtube-video series called RootEd. It offers an insight to a seven wicked problems at a level of an upper-secondary school student. The topics of the videos are:

  • what is a wicked problem in general,
  • chemicalization,
  • microplastics,
  • death of corals and ocean acidification,
  • energy politics,
  • decrease of soil humus, and
  • aerosols.

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Novel student-centered inquiry-based studying ideas are offered in the end of each video for investigating and possibly solving these issues. The first videos will be published in November 2017. They are funded by Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation.

The teacher-guides for RootEd-videos are sold now in Finnish in Holvi-webstore. Teacher-guides for RootEd videos support the teachers before and after showing the videos in a classroom. They involve ideas how to playfully introduce the wicked topics and what kind of homework activities could be given for the students.

Science and mathematics hands-on activities for campers, kids and families in Lapland. In Pyhätunturi, Silmu presents a mountain laboratory and an arctic outdoor mathematics challenge.

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